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Can Ceramic Dental Implants Be Done In One Day?

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Ceramic dental implants are a metal-free tooth restoration option. Dental implant surgery using ceramic implants often takes only one day. However, if you need preparatory surgery like bone grafts, you must perform that step before receiving your implants.

What Are Ceramic Dental Implants?

Ceramic dental implants are made of a lab-created material called zirconia. Zirconia is a biocompatible alternative to titanium metal implants.

Why Ceramic Dental Implants Are Special

Zirconia attracts less bacteria than traditional titanium implants, so it lowers the risk that you will develop gum disease after receiving your implants. The posts are tooth-colored and are not visible through the gum tissue. The implants themselves do not conduct heat energy.

TMJ Plus uses a unique Swiss-made implant from Z-Systems. These implants come in a traditional two-piece variety or one-piece model that the doctor can place in one day with an immediate load.

The Dental Implant Process

Before your surgery, you must undergo 3-D digital scanning to allow the doctor to plan your implant surgery via an advanced computer-guided system.

The doctor uses the scanned images to create a detailed 3-D model of your gums and bones. The doctor will be able to see whether you have enough bone mass to place an implant or whether a grafting procedure may be necessary.

The doctor will place your implant posts during your next appointment using the computer guidance system. The surgical guide allows ideal implant placement, steering clear of issues like interference with the nerves, roots, gums, and sinuses.

The posts gently screw into tissue and bone, creating a solid anchor point tightly bonding with the surrounding bone material in osseointegration.

If the doctor opts to use a one-piece dental implant, they could complete your procedure the same day with a temporary restoration. With a two-piece model, a healing period follows before the doctor can install the abutment that caps your implant post. During the next appointment, your doctor will affix the permanent dental crown to complete your restoration.

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Dental Implants

While zirconia dental implants are just as durable as traditional titanium implants, you must care for them to prolong their useful lives. If you develop gum disease around your implants, you may be more likely to experience implant failure.

Ensure you brush at least twice each day and floss once daily, paying special attention to the area around your implants.

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Ceramic dental implants will change your life, and in some cases, you can undergo this procedure in just one day. You will be able to smile, speak, and chew freely again. Implants will improve your self-image, appearance, and teeth function.

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