How Much Do Braces Cost For Kids In Grapevine, TX?

How Much Do Braces Cost For Kids In Grapevine, TX?

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Millions of kids wear braces. These corrective devices can be life-changing in so many ways. They can restore your little one’s confidence in their smile, make chewing and talking easier, and correct common issues like crooked teeth, overbites, and underbites.

What you may not know is that they can help with other issues, too. Braces may alleviate snoring, correct an imperfect profile, or make space in the mouth for the tongue. Because there’s so much more to dental abnormalities than meets the eye, it’s important to seek out a skilled orthodontist who can identify problems like these and prescribe a suitable treatment to correct them. 


Treatment can last up to two years or longer in some cases, so it’s natural that you might wonder how much braces for kids cost in Grapevine, TX. Keep this information in mind as your child begins their orthodontic treatment.

Why Your Child Needs Braces

Braces are commonly recommended to correct misaligned teeth. They can prevent crowding, which could otherwise cause significant difficulty speaking and chewing. They can also bring teeth together by closing spaces that could make brushing and flossing a challenge. Widely spaced teeth are vulnerable to issues like cavities and gum disease, so braces can make a big difference in your child’s long-term dental health. 

While misalignment is the most common reason kids get braces, it’s not the only one. Children with weak chins or retrusion may benefit from braces as part of a broader treatment plan. Sometimes the chin’s appearance is due to a dental issue, in which case the orthodontic device can resolve an underbite, overbite, or crossbite to create harmony between the upper and lower jaws and improve the child’s profile.


When misalignment is a concern, it may leave your child at risk of developing other issues. If their upper jaw is too narrow, for example, there may not be sufficient space for their tongue. This could lead to airway obstruction at night, affecting the quality of sleep and potential symptoms of sleep apnea. Even underbites and overbites can impact the way the jaw and tongue rest overnight, which could disrupt proper breathing and restrict the airway.


Similar issues can occur If the teeth are so crowded that the tongue’s space is limited. This may affect your child’s ability to breathe and speak comfortably. Wearing braces will create space, which may improve airflow, support better breathing, and help with articulation and clarity when speaking. The dental expander has to create enough room for the tongue for proper mouth size and breathing. Please ask your dentist to check for a tongue tie. This can also be the cause of why your child needs a dental expander. If the tongue is not resting on the upper palate, then this can cause a narrow jaw.

How Long Does Your Child Need Braces

The duration of treatment varies dramatically from one child to the next. All cases are unique, and the orthodontist will take the complexity of the dental problems into account to determine an average treatment time.


Usually, children wear braces for a couple of years at least, but treatment could end sooner if the corrections are minor. Alternatively, it could be longer if your child’s teeth simply move slowly or if they have a bite that requires additional time to resolve.


Proper oral hygiene can affect the duration of treatment, too. It’s important to brush and floss regularly throughout to prevent issues like cavities and possible gum disease, which could significantly slow down progress.

How Much Braces for Kids in Grapevine, TX Cost

Costs for braces can vary significantly. There are several factors that may play a more significant role in the final price of your child’s orthodontic treatment. Your child might have mouth breathing, tongue thrusting habits, or genetics of narrow jaws that can impact the need for an expander prior to braces. 

Type of Braces

There are several different kinds of braces. Traditional metal braces are generally the more affordable choice, but clear aligners (like Invisalign) and ceramic braces may be options for your child, too. Keep in mind that clear aligners can pick up stains from foods and drinks. Kids also need to wear them for at least 22 hours a day, and it’s imperative to follow that plan to see results. That’s one way to ensure that the treatment and its anticipated costs go according to plan.


Clear brackets may be appealing to kids because they aren’t as noticeable, but they can be more fragile overall. Hooks usually stay put on metal braces, but tend to break on clear brackets — and anything from brushing too forcefully to eating something firm could cause the damage. A replacement can drive up your costs and add to the treatment duration, too.

Treatment Complexity

Your child’s orthodontic needs will determine the duration of their treatment, which in turn can affect the final cost. Issues like severe underbites, overbites, or misalignment can all require more adjustments and increase treatment time. The longer your child wears braces, the more you can expect to pay due to more frequent adjustments and appointments.

Total Services 

The total cost that you’ll pay for braces for kids in Grapevine includes more than just the orthodontic device itself. It typically also includes the initial consultation and diagnostic imaging. There may also be other services required to ensure that the treatment is a complete success, like extractions or retainers.

If your child’s breathing is compromised, it’s important to dig deeper to determine whether orthodontic treatment may be helpful. That’s why some orthodontists offer cephalometric analysis, a valuable diagnostic aid that offers deeper insight into your child’s oral health than a standard bitewing X-ray.


Cephalometric analysis includes an X-ray that provides a complete overview of your child’s teeth and jaws in relation to the structure of their face. Having a deeper understanding of these proportions makes it easier to decide how best to correct an imperfect bite, find issues like crowding or misalignments, and evaluate the condition of both hard and soft tissues.


It can also be useful in determining whether your child might benefit from a palatal expander before they begin braces treatment. Sometimes it’s necessary to increase the size of the jaw to allow for more room and to prevent breathing issues. The expander makes way in the mouth for the braces to more effectively correct misalignments and may improve airflow for a better night’s sleep, too. 

There may also be other services required to ensure that the treatment is a complete success, like extractions or retainers. Any of these additions or diagnostic tools could increase the overall cost of your child’s treatment in Grapevine.

Dental Insurance 

If your child is covered by a dental insurance plan, it’s possible that the policy may offer coverage for a portion of the treatment. This can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses significantly.

Savings Options

Your Grapevine, TX, orthodontist may offer savings options beyond what you can claim through your insurance provider. For example, some have fee-based membership programs that include discounts on various treatments. Some also offer low interest financing opportunities, making it easier for you to make payments on time.

Braces for Kids in Grapevine, TX

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