Instructions Following Crown Prep

The process to prepare your tooth to receive a permanent crown is very irritating both to the prepared tooth and its surrounding gum tissue. You may experience tenderness or a dull, achy feeling in this area for the next few days to one week. You may take any Over the Counter (OTC) analgesic for the discomfort.

While your permanent crown is being fabricated, you will wear the temporary acrylic crown we have fabricated and placed with temporary cement. Because it is a temporary crown, you will care for it differently than you would your natural teeth.

The material we use to make your temporary crown is a dental acrylic. It is not as strong a your permanent one will be. The acrylic will tend to expand, flex, bend and wear more easily than a permanent crown. Therefore, we strongly suggest watching your diet, doing the majority of your chewing away from your temporary crown. Do not subject your temporary crown to undue stress in function such as biting into Jolly Ranchers, ice, gum or hard nuts. Rule of thumb: nothing sticky, chewy, or crunchy while in your temporary. If you wear any type of appliance, (example: TMJ orthotic, sleep appliances, retainers) you cannot wear it during temporary stage or it will pull off your temporary crown.

In caring for your temporary crown, hygiene is very important so that the tissues are firm, healthy and in an aesthetically pleasing contour the day your permanent crown is placed. Brush around your crown angling the toothbrush bristles toward the gum line. When flossing, place the floss between your teeth and then pull the floss out to the side. Please don’t use toothpicks around temp crown, it will come off.

***If you have multiple crowns in the same area (like in a full mouth reconstruction), use a Waterpik daily since you cannot floss. This will keep your gums healthy and will avoid irritation and/or bleeding.

If your temporary crown comes off, please call our office as soon as possible. If your temporary crown stays off too long, your permanent crown may not fit or gums change and require laser work. If on the other hand, your temporary crown stays on too long, (as can occur when a patient has to reschedule a delivery appointment) the acrylic temporary crown will wear, this too can hinder the fit of the permanent crown.

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