Biocompatibility Testing near Dallas, TX

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The Biocompatibility test is a comprehensive report identifying an individual’s reaction to dental materials as highly reactive, moderately reactive, or least reactive based on a sophisticated blood serum procedure. This allows the individual to choose the least reactive materials possible.

Reactivity refers to the immune system response to a foreign substance. Keep in mind that all foreign substances will elicit some immune response. Serum Biocompatibility testing was developed with the goal of measuring the immune reaction an individual has to a given material.

Serum Biocompability testing is performed by collecting and centrifuging a blood sample to separate the blood cells and serum. The serum contains antibodies and other blood protein, and this serum is mixed with specific chemical components found in dental materials. If the chemicals would elicit an immune response in the body, the antibodies in the serum will bind with the chemicals and turn the mixture cloudy.