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What Can a Dentist Do for TMJ?

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If you’re wondering what a dentist can do for TMJ, the answer is that they can do a little or they can do a lot. A dentist who hasn’t studied TMJ disorder (TMD) might prescribe you a splint or TMJ mouthguard, which may or may not work. On the other hand, a dentist who specializes in TMJ pain like Dr. Becky Coats can offer you a customized treatment plan that allows you to finally achieve relief from your symptoms. Here’s what we offer our patients at TMJ Plus Wellness Center.

More About TMJ Disorder

Before we talk about how a dentist can treat TMJ disorder, let’s talk about the temporomandibular joints and the pain they can cause. On each side of your skull is a temporomandibular joint, which connects the skull and the lower jawbone. Every movement you make with your mouth and jaw, from chewing to talking and biting, is controlled by these two joints. Because we rely on these joints for so many movements, when they are not functioning properly, they can cause a great deal of pain.

In addition to the joints themselves, the muscle groups, nerves, and blood vessels that surround the TMJ can be impacted by tension and misalignment. Pain that originates in the TMJ area can cause dysfunction throughout the body, including headaches, tinnitus, vertigo, neck and upper back pain, numbness, and more.

How a Dentist Can Treat TMJ Pain

What makes TMJ Plus Wellness Center so unique is that we never take a one-size-fits-all approach to TMD. We understand that your TMD can have a number of different causes and that in order to find the correct treatment, we must first understand why you’re experiencing pain. This means that during your first appointment with us, Dr. Coats will take the time to perform a thorough evaluation of your symptoms by examining your teeth and jaw and taking the time to speak with you about what you’re experiencing.

Your treatment plan will typically include one or more of the following therapies:

  • Spray and stretch
  • Trigger point injections
  • Hot/cold pack
  • TENS therapy
  • Pain relief appliance
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Muscle relaxer medication
  • SPG block

Ultimately, our goal is not to simply address the symptoms of your TMD, but the underlying cause. This is the key to lasting relief. We use a combination of traditional therapies and cutting-edge solutions, but every treatment we offer is backed by robust research. In the long-term, we may recommend additional procedures, including:

Phase 1 Therapies

  • TMJ orthotic
  • Pain Refief therapy : laser, tens, trigger point 
  • Oral sleep appliance for jaw pain and oxygen 
  • Decay removal
  • Infection removal

Phase 2 Therapies

  • TMJ orthodontics
  • TMJ bite rehabilitation
  • TMJ dentures

In some cases, we may also work in conjunction with other holistic practitioners for a whole-body approach to your pain.

Learn More About TMD Treatment Near Dallas, TX

Do you suspect that you have TMJ disorder? Have treatments recommended by your dentist or doctor failed to provide relief? TMJ Plus Wellness Center can help. Contact us today at 817-481-6888 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.