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Cavitation sounds scary but trust us, it’s not

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Discovering you have an infection in your tooth isn’t fun at all, but fortunately, there is a solution: cavitational surgery. This might sound like a terrifying process, but trust me, it’s not. During this operation, I combine top-of-the-line technology with various recovery measures to ensure your experience is smooth, comfortable, and seamless.

During cavitation, I go in and remove the infected part of your bone or tooth. Here’s an overview of the process:

1. Cone Beam CT Scan

Similar to an X-Ray, a Cone Beam CT is a type of scan that allows me to see your teeth in extreme detail. Looking at your teeth from a 3D perspective will allow me to find where infection may be trapped in your bone. This kind of technology is one of the most effective ways for us to know your teeth are infected. Infected teeth have no nerves so do not send off the usual signals like pain or numbness. There are other options for finding infected teeth such as muscle testing and applied kinesiology.

2. Planning for surgery

After we identify the infected areas, we’ll plan for a cavitational surgery. During surgery, we take out the infected bone, graft in new bone, and cover the area with plasma to rebuild the gums. Patients are usually sedated for the whole process and can go back to work shortly after the operation.

3. After the surgery

After the operation, we’ll give you a self-care plan which will include antibiotics and a diet for you to follow to ensure your recovery is as speedy and comfortable as possible. We can also provide you with a report on the bacteria or fungus that we found in your tooth, which you can then take to your wellness doctor for the purpose of addressing any other possibly related conditions.

Cavitational surgery is the best way to remove the infection from your teeth, putting you on track to have the robust health you deserve. Remember: infected teeth are hard to find, but can have a huge effect on your body. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

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