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Holistic Approaches to Preventing Gum Disease

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Gum disease is an infection of the gum tissue. It is caused by a buildup of plaque on the teeth. Plaque is a sticky film made of food residue and bacteria that clings to the teeth. Good oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing will remove plaque, but it can be difficult to remove it all from every space in your mouth. When plaque remains in the mouth for too long, the bacteria can infect the gums, resulting in gum disease. 

There are a few different ways to treat and prevent gum disease. If you’re looking for a safe and holistic approach, here are some suggestions for natural options. 

What is Holistic Dentistry? 

Holistic dentistry is an approach that takes the patient’s overall health and wellness into consideration when providing treatment. Rather than identifying a dental problem and providing a solution, holistic dentistry seeks out the source of the problem and attempts to prevent it. Holistic dentistry utilizes natural methods whenever possible for a non-toxic, less invasive treatment experience. 

Preventing Gum Disease Naturally 

The following remedies can help to prevent gum disease naturally: 

  • Holistic dental cleaning. A holistic dental cleaning is a teeth cleaning using all natural methods, such as ozone therapy, to clean the teeth and gums. 
  • Ozone therapy. Ozone, chemically referred to as O3, exists in liquid form and can be used to disinfect the oral tissues. It is 50 times more effective than chlorine and is much safer and gentler on the gums. No toxins are left behind following ozone therapy. 
  • Probiotics. Probiotic mouth rinses can treat gum disease by controlling the levels of good bacteria in the mouth and reducing bad bacteria. ProBiora is a top brand. 
  • Fluoride-free toothpaste. Using an all natural toothpaste that is fluoride free can help to prevent gum disease. Dr. Jen’s is a top brand of all-natural oral care products. 
  • Oral DNA. This test is for the oral detection of oral pathogens that cause gum disease and threaten the oral, systemic health. The test provides early warning of oral pathogens. Also, the pathogens that cause gum disease have inherited genetic risks.  


When Does Gum Disease Need Professional Treatment 

The above holistic approaches to preventing gum disease may work before you have any symptoms, or if you have the beginning stages of gingivitis. But once you have full blown gum disease you will need professional treatment. If your gums are receding, or pulling away from your teeth, or if you have any loose teeth, you need to see a dentist. 

Choose a Holistic Dentist 

If you are still committed to holistic methods, find a holistic dentist for gum disease treatment. TMJ Plus Wellness Center takes a holistic approach to dentistry with each and every condition we treat. We provide holistic teeth cleaning that improves your oral health as well as your overall health and wellness. 

To learn more, call 817-481-6888 or contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does holistic dentistry mean no medication is used? 

Holistic dentistry does not mean avoiding medication. But it does mean that the dentist will look for the source of the problem to see if there is a way to prevent or treat it without medication first. If medication is prescribed, it is only to provide temporary relief while the holistic approach addresses the problem. 

Can gum disease be cured?

Once gum disease takes hold, it can be difficult to cure. In many cases gum disease is managed and controlled rather than cured. This is why prevention is the best method for optimal oral health.