Preventive Dentistry

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Comprehensive Evaluation / Oral Examination

An oral examination is a visual inspection of the mouth, head, and neck, performed to detect abnormalities.  Radiographs allow for a more complete examination, helping the doctor to detect cavities, problems in existing dental restorations, gum and bone recession or other abnormal conditions within the mouth, head and neck area.

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Holistic Dental Cleaning

Holistic teeth cleanings offer a greater level of protection for your oral health. The conventional method of cleaning teeth typically begins with scraping plaque from the teeth however, the holistic teeth cleaning process takes a different approach.

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Tongue and Lip Tie Releases

Tongue and Lip Tie Releases are simple surgical procedures that are performed to release the connection of the “frenum,” a connective muscle between two tissues. Patients often experience immediate relief from this procedure.

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Cavitational Surgery

Root canals are most often necessary when decay has reached the nerve of the tooth or the tooth has become infected. However, root canals often fail to fully capture and remove the bacteria. That’s why we recommend cavitational surgery instead. A healthier alternative, this procedure will target the issue at its core and remove bacteria that’s trapped in the jaw bone.

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Perio Protect Trays™

Perio Protect is the revolutionary new medical device to treat periodontal disease. The FDA-cleared Perio Protect Trays™ can deliver doctor-prescribed medications to the source of periodontal infections to treat the disease. Years of clinical use have demonstrated the trays to be effective, comfortable, and easy to use.

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A tooth that can not be saved with restorative procedures may need to be removed. When removing teeth, we make sure to remove the ligament as well as the tooth. We, rinse your mouth with ozone-treated water, fill in the void with bone grafting, and cover the socket with your own platelet-rich plasma, which creates an instant gum barrier and prevents further infection and dry socket.