Holistic Services

Our team uses the following holistic treatments to identify and remove the source of  toxins in your bloodstream that cause a variety of health issues including chronic fatigue, chronic inflammation, and digestive issues.

Journey to Health

Many of our patients find us because of unresolved health issues that they have not been able to manage using conventional treatment. For instance, our team has helped patients who have been struggling to manage their diabetes or who may have problems losing weight. Through holistic examinations, we were able to connect the diabetes to untreated gum infections and the weight-loss issues to airway obstructions that were forcing the body to overwork.

  • Ozone Therapy

    The process we use following the removal of infection uses ozone water to reduce the amount of bacteria commonly introduced into your body via lesser water systems.

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  • Thermography Report Analysis

    A diagnostic tool that can be used to locate inflammation which may be linked to decline in oral and total body health.

  • CBCT 3D X-Ray

    We use CBCT 3D digital x-rays to help pin point disease and to create surgical guides for more precise treatment.

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  • Clifford's Materials Reactivity Testing

    This screening test can used to help identify existing sensitivity to various chemical groups in a patient. 

  • BPA and Metal Free Fillings

    Replacing metal fillings can eliminate toxic chemicals that are simply resting in your mouth with non-toxic alternatives.

  • TMJ Treatment

    In most cases, the source of your recurring dental trouble has much to do with TMJ alignment. Fix your alignment and the rest will follow.

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  • Safe Mercury Removal

    We remove mercury amalgam fillings in a way that protects the patient, dental team, and environment.

  • DNA Connexions Testing

    This oral panel test can be used to identify specific oral pathogens.

  • Dental Cleanings

    Holistic dental cleaning is a thorough process of cleaning your teeth and the surrounding tissue that addresses the bacteria in your mouth in a way that’s wholesome for your entire body.

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