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The Effects of TMJ on Relationships

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Has oral pain impacted your love life? If so, you are not alone. There are many other people that suffer from similar problems. Any situation that requires the jaw to maneuver in an uncomfortable way can trigger pain for those that have problems with TMJ.

A person suffering from Temporomandibular Joint Pain (TMJ) can be affected in many different facets of life. One of these being romance and intimacy. The effects on someone’s relationship and sense of self can often be impacted by the symptoms of TMJ and can be difficult to live with.

There are some stories that you hear often which concern TMJ and life situations that we all encounter, but may be awkward to speak about with your oral care provider. It is relevant for both men and women, but is more of a private matter. Kissing and oral sex can usually be a trigger for TMJ symptoms and can be uncomfortable for people suffering from jaw pain.

Patients regularly feel as if they are the only one with this problem. In reality, there are many sufferers. Triggers can range from minor actions that may not be apparent to your partner, to more aggressive. Open-mouth kissing, speaking and even being touched on the face can lead to joint pain. Any action that requires the mouth to be open for a prolonged period of time can aggravate TMJ symptoms.

Many people do not think about the effects that TMJ pain can have on the sex lives of those who are diagnosed, as well as their partners. Something that once has been pleasurable is now causing a significant amount of pain due to normal interactions such as being touched, kissed or any other sensation. These are all interactions that come with sexual intercourse, that are now painful and bothersome.

This could lead to someone with TMJ developing feelings of depression for not being able to please their partner, self-consciousness in the bedroom and thoughts of their partner leaving them.

Most cases reported are by women who are not able to perform oral sex, but men are also susceptible to the same dilemma but less likely to speak about it.

To figure out a solution to this problem, it is vital to consult a professional who may be of help in offering methods to reduce jaw pain. Reducing stress, altering a few lifestyle practices, and communicating with your partner can all aid in becoming more comfortable in your day-to-day.

There are definitely solutions to help cope with this problem. First, is stating the issue with your sexual partner from the very beginning. By doing so, they will be aware of the situation and will know not to test any limits that you may not be comfortable with.

Secondly, be prepared. By taking an anti-inflammatory or pain reliever, such as Arnica, that can reduce pain beforehand so that you are able to be move more comfortably.

Another way to reduce pain and allow you to extend your jowl is by using heat packs. By applying heat to the area, it can reduce inflammation and pain surrounding the face. This may aid in your ability to maneuver your jaw in a way that won’t cause pain.


If you suffer from a similar situation and are looking to seek help, please contact TMJ+ at (817) 686-8125 and schedule a consultation. I am happy to help you find a personalized way to reduce oral pain and get you back to living the life that you deserve.

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