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The surprising connection between your teeth and your organs

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You’ve probably seen a flier about “holistic medicine” at a yoga studio or hanging in your organic grocery store. But you might not know what this phrase means. Maybe it brings up the idea of acupuncture and chiropractor visits or the image of crystal balls? I get it. Holistic medicine can sound mysterious. But it’s not: it simply means approaching medicine with the belief that everything in your body is connected.

As a holistic dentist, when I’m looking at your teeth and gums, I’m thinking about the big picture. I’m trying to find the connection between what’s going on in your mouth and how that might be related to your overall health. During my 14 years of practice, I’ve seen a definite connection between infections in my patients’ teeth and a variety of other issues such as gut health, thyroid issues, and even cancer.

For example, I once helped a client who was suffering from lymphatic drainage, which meant that nutrients from even the healthiest of foods could not get absorbed into her bloodstream while toxins in her body could not get out. After doing a thermal scan, she discovered that some of this condition was coming from her teeth. She came to see me and after doing a scan, we found that an infected tooth was directly connected to her lymphatic issues. Once we went through the cavitational surgery, she experienced less brain fog, less pain, and more energy.

Although it’s not as well-known, there’s a lot of research behind this approach, much of it anchored in ancient Eastern medicine. If you look at this interactive Tooth-Meridian chart, you can see how each one of your teeth is connected to one of your organs. This means two things. First: when one of your teeth has a disease or infection, it can leak toxicities into the bloodstream and cause disease throughout your body.

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The other way infected teeth affects your health is by disrupting the flow of energy along your meridians, which are like “energy highways” in your body. When the energy in one part of your body is disrupted, it can cause problems in another area. Disrupted energy flows can also lead to emotional side effects like sadness, depression or anger. Tracing your flow of energy (and possible blockages) is critical to getting fully healthy and sometimes the blockage might be starting with an infected tooth.

If you’re here because you’ve suspected something is wrong, but you don’t know what, it’s worth considering taking a more holistic look at your body, starting with your mouth. Tooth infections are not something you can see or feel because the nerves in infected teeth are dead so they don’t signal pain or discomfort. But at TMJ+ we have all of the technology you need to gain this critical information.

We would love to partner with you on your holistic health journey. Call our office now for a free consultation!

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