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Why am I just now hearing about bone infections and cavitations?

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“Why haven’t I heard about this before?”

This is one of the biggest questions I hear from my clients when we discuss bone infections and cavitations. Bone infections can have a huge impact on your overall health. They can be connected to other health issues like breast cancer, heart disease, or gut issues. You might expect it to be much higher on the list of things to talk about when you step into the dentist’s office.

But unfortunately, that’s not the case. Since bone infections don’t give off any of the usual symptoms like pain or numbness, they’re hard to find and, as a result, not as commonly discussed as other dental conditions. Additionally,diagnosing bone infections requires a Cone Beam CT scan, which is like a 3D X-ray. Most dentists don’t have this kind of technology.

A second reason you may not have heard about bone infections and cavitations is because many dentists are trained to focus on more common problems. Cleanings, root canals, crowns, braces, fillings — these are the procedures most dentists are trained in, so these are the things they focus on. They might not know to consider bone infections until their patients ask them to consider it.

Even for those dentists who are interested in and willing to look for infections, it’s not always clear what steps they should take next to help their patients. Finding a specialist can be tricky and sometimes there are no specialists in the area. Because your dentists wants to help you, it’s likely they’ll focus on the issues they can address rather than bringing up something for which they may not have a solution.

The good news is that information is available and there are dentists who do focus on these more complex issues. It might take a little digging and asking around to find one, but don’t give up. That’s why I started my practice. Call us today so we can book your free consultation and get you the answers you deserve! Call our office now for a free consultation!

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